Outdoor Kitchens Woodland, WA

Ambassador Construction builds beautiful outdoor kitchens for clients in Woodland, WA. An outdoor kitchen is a great asset for any home. It allows you to enjoy the great outdoors and helps you take dinner parties to a whole new level. To find out more about us, call Ambassador Construction today at 360-909-8867. We’ll be able to give you a free project estimate on a new outdoor kitchen!

Custom Designs

Here at Ambassador Construction we get the job done your way. Our team of skilled craftsmen will make the outdoor kitchen of your dreams become a reality. We work with a variety of top-grade materials and offer a large selection of styles. Possible features include sinks, pizza ovens, fire pits, refrigerators, and much more!

Of course, for a project of this magnitude we’ll want to make sure we are all on the same page before we begin. Each new outdoor kitchen starts with our free professional consultation. We’ll draw up the initial design and then we can show you a 3D rendering of the new addition to your home. At Ambassador Construction, we make this complicated process easy and fun for clients!

Functional and Attractive Outdoor Living Spaces!

We do our best to make these outdoor living spaces both functional and pleasing to look at. You’ll have the right to be far more house-proud after we get done installing your new space. We recommend using low-maintenance materials for your outdoor living space so that the upkeep is minimal. These types of materials include concrete, metal, and stone.

Building a new outdoor kitchen is a big project. Don’t just trust any old contractor to handle this type of responsibility. Ambassador Construction is an established company with proven results. Hire us to get the outdoor kitchen you’ve always envisioned!

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Ambassador Construction takes pride in building beautiful outdoor living spaces for people in Woodland, WA. We construct outdoor kitchens that meet our clients’ exact specifications. An outdoor kitchen is a great way to spice up your home and take advantage of the amazing outdoors. Getting a free estimate from us is simple, all you have to do is give us a call at 360-909-8867.

Patio Covers Woodland, WA

Patio covers continue to grow in popularity. A patio cover will protect your beautiful patio and make it so that you can still enjoy the outdoors despite the rain or blistering summer sun. Ambassador Construction builds insulated freestanding patio covers and much more for clients in Woodland, WA. For a free estimate on a new patio cover, give us a call at 360-909-8867.

Custom Patio Covers

If you already have a patio and are hoping to add a patio cover, you’re probably looking for something that will fit the style properly. At Ambassador Construction, we have all the right materials, tools, and expertise to get you the perfect patio cover. Whether you’re looking for partial shade or complete coverage, we can build you a one-of-a-kind patio cover that brings your home and patio together.

Ambassador Construction offers a wide-range of design options. We build patio covers made from wood, metal, composite, and more! We also offer loads of color, shape, and style options. We’ll build your patio cover to suit your specific situation.

Why Get A Patio Cover?

Enjoying the outdoors is often reliant on the weather. However, with a patio cover you can stay outside in both rain and shine and remain comfortable. A patio cover will also protect your home and patio from damaging sun rays. It will absorb the heat and light of the sun away from your home. If you have a patio with furniture and other valuable belongings, a patio cover will obviously help keep your possessions in top condition for longer.

Choose from freestanding, screened, open, roofed and more! A patio cover can increase the beauty of your home and make your home more suitable for hosting guests. Ambassador Construction is known for building beautiful outdoor living spaces. Our contractors are all properly licensed, insured, and professionally-trained.

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Ambassador Construction is the leading provider of patio covers for those in Woodland, WA. Make your patio more livable and versatile with a beautiful custom patio cover. Plus, you’ll be able to maintain the condition of your patio for much longer which makes getting a cover a solid investment. Call us today at (360) 909-8867 to learn more about our services.

Remodeling Contractors Kalama, WA

Are you looking for some skilled remodeling contractors to help you out with a project in Kalama, WA? There’s no better general contracting company around than Ambassador Construction. We specialize in all types of residential remodels. This includes kitchen remodels, room additions, and whole-house renovations. To get a free project estimate, give us a call at (360) 909-8867.

World-Class Work

The team at Ambassador Construction has been around since 2008, but our craftsmen have decades worth of professional experience. Over the past few years, we have earned the trust of many around the area. This is because we put forth our full effort to ensure that every project we are hired for turns out mistake-free. Our goal is to help clients get the home that they’ve always wanted.

Our craftsmen are all licensed, insured, and ready to get started on any type of remodeling that your home might require. We have a team of skilled professionals that get the job done right down to every last detail. Working with us is easy thanks to our openminded team and excellent customer service. We’re a squad of perfectionists that won’t accept low-quality work.

Our Materials

At Ambassador Construction, we also don’t accept low-quality materials. After all, you can hire the best craftsmen in the world but without quality materials your home still won’t hold up properly in the long run. While we are great at fitting a job into the budget of our clients, we will still find a way to use only high-quality and durable materials that will last.

Ambassador Construction also has a spotless safety record. This is because we do everything by the book and put a great deal of emphasis on proper safety practices. The last thing you want is a serious accident to occur while people are working on your home. We try to make the remodeling process as stress-free as possible on our clients.

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For the best remodeling contractors around, call Ambassador Construction today at (360) 909-8867 for a free project estimate. We look forward to working with more people in Kalama, WA. Our team offers high-quality work at great prices!

Residential Construction Company Woodland, WA

If you’re in Woodland, WA and you’re in need of an honest and reliable residential construction company, Ambassador Construction is the one for you. Clients appreciate our excellent customer support, quality services, and low prices. For a free project estimate, call Ambassador Construction today at (360) 909-8867.

Northwest’s Best

Ambassador Construction provides a wide variety of residential construction services. We’re an established company that frequently earns new clients via word of mouth. You can rely on us to complete your project in a timely manner without sacrificing the quality of our work. Call us to get started with a free onsite estimate!

Our company has been around for over a decade now but our team has several decades worth of professional experience. Few construction companies in the area can compete with that level of experience. The fact that we’ve stayed in business for so long shows that we are doing something right. After all, without earning a solid reputation and long-term clients we would have run out of work by now!

Our Services

When it comes to residential construction, the list of services that we offer goes on and on. From the initial design to site development and homebuilding, we have you covered. We also specialize in outdoor living construction if you’re looking to add a deck, outdoor kitchen, patio, etc. Other services include:

  • Basement Finishing
  • Carpentry
  • Home Additions
  • New Construction
  • Interior & Exterior Remodels
  • Wood Framing
  • Drafting

Whether it’s a new custom home you are looking for or if you simply need some remodeling done, the skilled craftsmen at Ambassador Construction are ready to get it done the right way. Our top customer service makes communicating with us easy. Our team uses high-grade materials and cutting-edge technology to get you the home of your dreams.

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Ambassador Construction is the leading residential construction company in Woodland, WA. Our team of experienced technicians can handle all types of residential construction projects. Plus, our services are offered at great prices. To see for yourself, call us at (360) 909-8867 and get a free project estimate! We can help make the home that you are imagining in your head come to life. Clients appreciate our hard work and honest residential construction advice!

Custom Home Builder Woodland, WA

Ambassador Construction is the top custom home builder around. We build beautiful homes for the people of Woodland, WA. If you are looking for a long-lasting home built to your liking, call Ambassador Construction today at (360) 909-8867. We offer a wide-range of residential construction services.

World-Class Craftsmanship

Hire Ambassador Construction to get the home you’ve always dreamt of come to life! We’ll build your home to meet your exact specifications. Our craftsmen are the best around and have several years of experience as well as proven results. The team at Ambassador Construction is committed to raising the bar for other custom home builders in the area through top customer service and thoughtful execution.

Obviously, constructing a new home from scratch means that the contractors building it need to pay close attention to hundreds of details. The craftsmen at Ambassador Construction have constructed several homes with fantastic end results. We’ll set you up with a long-lasting home because of our building techniques and our use of high-grade building materials. We also specialize in building outdoor living spaces, whether it be a patio, outdoor kitchen, and more.

An Experienced Company

It’s been over 10 years now since Ambassador Construction began as a company. With decades of professional experience under our belts, our craftsmen know how to handle all types of projects. With our open communication and deliberate planning, Ambassador Construction is an easy company to work with when it comes to designing and building a new home.

We’re a company with a team of technicians that hold expertise in all aspects of home building. From foundation pouring to plumbing and electrical, you can count on us from start to finish. We earn a lot of new clients from customer referrals because our former clients have appreciated our professional and helpful approach!

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Ambassador Construction looks forward to helping more clients in Woodland, WA get the home that they’ve always wanted. We’re the number one custom home builder around. For great craftsmanship and low prices, give us a call at (360) 909-8867. We’ll provide you with a free estimate on your new home. We also offer remodeling, outdoor home building, and much more!

Deck Contractors Woodland, WA

Finding a general contractor that you can rely on is extremely valuable. Ambassador Construction is an industry-leading company providing a variety of services to the people of Woodland, WA. Whether you need deck contractors, framing contractors, etc., we have you covered. Give us a call at 360-909-8867 to learn more about our services or to get a free estimate.

Looking For A New Deck?

Decks continue to increase in popularity. With a deck attached to your home, you can enjoy the outdoors in any type of setting you’d like. At Ambassador Construction, we can customize your deck your way. Our decks make for a more inviting, spacious, and relaxing home.

Once you add a deck, you also get much more space from your home without needing to pay for a costly home addition.

Our expert deck contractors are experienced and are known for their high-quality craftsmanship. You can ask us any questions about your deck and we will certainly do our best to help. Whether you need a new deck installed or an old deck repaired, renovated, or restored, choose Ambassador Construction.

The Options

It’s a lot cheaper to install a deck then it is to remodel your home. Plus, your new deck will give you a place to cook outside, host guests, and more! When you go with Ambassador Construction, we make it easy for you to get the deck of your dreams with our massive selection of colors, patterns, and materials.

We’ll work with you during the design process so that everything comes out exactly the way you had hoped. We know that mutual trust and communication between our team and our clients is extremely important. The team members at Ambassador Construction are true professionals that follow all local building codes and make sure that any project we work on has beautiful end results.

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When you’re in need of deck contractors that can help you get the deck of your dreams, Ambassador Construction can help. We offer a variety of general contracting services. Whether you want to install a new custom deck or if you have an existing deck that needs some sort of service, just give us a call at 360-909-8867. We look forward to working with more clients in Woodland, WA.

Framing Contractors Woodland, WA

When you’re in need of skilled framing contractors, Ambassador Construction has you covered. With over ten years of experience in wood framing, the team at Ambassador Construction is raising the bar for other framing contractors around the area. If you’re in Woodland, WA, give us a call at 360-909-8867.

Why Choose Ambassador Construction?

When you hire us, we pay attention to every little detail and consider each major component of the construction process. We’ve been giving the people of Washington the best in wood framing installation for years now. Our skilled craftsmen ensure that each project we work on turns out exactly how our clients were hoping.

Ambassador Construction offers full-home framing services to clients in Woodland, WA. We also help finish up small framing projects, such as wall removal or window installation. It does not matter the size or complexity of the job, the team at Ambassador Construction comes with a professional approach to each and every project we’re hired for.

About Our Team

We have over a decade of relevant residential construction experience which allows us to fully understand the entire home building process. This helps properly consider how the framing that we install will impact the rest of the building process. Our team of qualified craftsmen are factory trained and fully certified in all of the most recent framing techniques and technologies.

Custom Wood Framing

At Ambassador Construction, our team is already licensed to work on residential construction in your area. We’re also insured which protects our clients as well as our employees. Our skilled workers can provide you with custom wood framing. We can create the home you’ve always dreamed since we offer all kinds of shapes, styles, and sizes.

Ambassador Construction helps to make the vision you have for your home come to life. Working with us is super easy because we make sure we maintain solid communication with clients so that we get the job done right. We truly provide some of the best custom wood framing in all of the Northwest.

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When you’re ready to hire the top framing contractors around, give Ambassador Construction a call at 360-909-8867. We offer high-quality work at low prices to clients in Woodland, WA. We’ll be happy to provide you with a no-obligation project estimate.

Deck Installation Woodland, WA

Ready to improve your home and have a new deck installed? Ambassador Construction provides flawless deck installation to clients in Woodland, WA. Our numerous customer testimonials portray our consistent workmanship and top quality services. To learn more about our deck installation or to get a free estimate on a new deck, give us a call today at 360-909-8867.

Top Craftsmanship

When you hire Ambassador Construction, you’re hiring a team of craftsmen with many years of relevant construction experience. Our company has a solid reputation in the Northwest thanks to years of high-quality project results. We are a full-service home building company that offers clients expert deck installations at competitive prices.

Not only are our workers top of the line, we also only use high-quality materials. This way, we can ensure that your deck will stay in top condition for decades. We offer a wide-variety of choices for your deck, including pressure-treated wood, cedar, composite, hardwood, and more!

Custom Decks

Ambassador Construction can make the deck you’ve always dreamed of come to life, down to every last little detail. Our number of options make it easy for clients to have their deck done their way. Our experts will be there to advise you during the design process.

We work closely with our clients to design them the perfect deck. A deck is a great way to make a home more inviting, host guests, and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. There is no better company to install your new wood deck than Ambassador Construction.

One of our custom decks is a great investment because a nice deck can drastically increase the value of your home. You’ll have a more spacious residence without needing to remodel it. We offer cost-effective deck installations and more to the people of the Northwest.

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At Ambassador Construction, we look forward to helping out more people in the Northwest get the deck that they’ve always wanted. Our custom deck designs and installation are second to none. If you’re in Woodland, WA, we can give you a free estimate on a new deck installation. Just give us a call at 360-909-8867 to learn more about our services.

Construction Services Woodland, WA

Ambassador Construction is one of the premier general construction companies in all of the Northwest. We offer a number of construction services to the people of Woodland, WA. Our cost-effective services are high-quality and effective. As a company that has been around since 2008, you can be confident in our ability to build exactly what it is that you are looking for. To find out more about out construction services, give us a call at 360-909-8867.

Why Ambassador Construction?

Our team is founded on over three decades of professional expertise in the construction industry. Our solid reputation was earned through hard work and dedication to the craft. Clients appreciate our communication, craftsmanship, and competitive prices. Whether you are looking to build the home you’ve always visualized or if you simply want to add a patio, garage, etc., we’ve got you covered.

We maintain professionalism throughout the project, from the initial design process all the way to the construction clean up. We do our best to eliminate any stress for our clients and make the process as smooth as possible. Ambassador Construction offers free estimates on all sorts of building projects.

Our Team

The craftsmen at Ambassador Construction are factory trained and certified. Plus, we make sure that our team holds all the proper licenses and insurance prior to beginning a project. Our professional approach to each project means that we are always aware of the local building laws and regulations.

A Variety Of Services

Again, whether you’re designing a new home from scratch or just looking for a small home remodel, Ambassador Construction is your best bet. We customize and install shops, garages, decks, boathouses, studio buildings, and more. Our home remodels consist of both interior and exterior projects. We also specialize in outdoor living spaces that can greatly increase the appearance, space, and value of your home.

Call Us Today!

If you’re in Woodland, WA and are looking for a general construction company that you can rely on for all sorts of construction services, Ambassador Construction is the company for you. We’re a full-service company with a wealth of experience in the industry. Please feel free to call us at 360-909-8867 and we will do our best to help you.

Shops And Garages Woodland, WA

Are you tired of trying to find places in your home to put things? It might be time to add a shop or garage to your property. This process isn’t as costly or complicated as you might think. Ambassador Construction builds shops and garages for clients in Woodland, WA. A detached shop or garage is a solid investment because it can actually greatly increase the value of your home.

Why Add A Shop Or Garage?

There are always many uses for a shop or garage. Aside from having more storage room and increasing the value of your home, a shop or garage gives you a great place to work on projects, maintain the condition of your car, and much more. We’ll help to guide you through the entire design process so that it turns out exactly the way you were hoping.

In the Northwest, it makes even more sense to own a shop or garage than it does in a more southern area. The unpredictable weather and cold winters can make it difficult to get certain things done. With a shop or garage, you can work on projects in an environment that protects you from the elements.

Furthermore, you may have several objects that you normally have to keep outdoors that could instead be relocated into a more sheltered area. This includes vehicles, tools, and more. This keeps your stuff in better condition and also greatly reduces the chance of theft. Plus, you won’t need to pay monthly fees to keep things stored in other locations. All in all, adding a shop or garage to your property is a smart investment.

Custom Building

With several years of relevant building experience under their belts, the craftsmen at Ambassador Construction are true professionals when it comes to designing and building different types of structures. We have tons of experience customizing and installing shops and garages. From the size, style, placement, and materials, you’ll have a say in every aspect of your new structure.

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Ambassador Construction is the top choice for clients in Woodland, WA. We customize and install all types of shops and garages for our local clients in the Northwest. To get a free project estimate, give us a call today at 360-909-8867.