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Ambassador Construction is proud to offer wood framing and carpentry among its many services. We provide wood framing for new construction, town homes, remodels, additions, small commercial projects, pole barns, and shops, and much more.

No matter the job, the skilled professionals at Ambassador Construction can handle it. We enjoy watching the look on our customers’ faces as they see the skeleton of their building going up and can begin to visualize the finished product. Call us today for all your framing needs – 737-268-7305.

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Your home or building’s wooden frame is like its “skeleton.” Once you’ve settled on a final design for your build, the frame follows all the proper dimensions and shapes that the final product will have. Interior walls, windows, roof coverings, etc. will all eventually be attached to this inner skeleton. Building framing also provides spaces for subsequent work such as electrical wiring, HVAC ductwork, plumbing, insulation, etc.

Hiring a contractor who is familiar with this process is fundamental to your building project’s success. The bones of the building must be strong if they are to support the load of the rest of the building materials. When a structure is properly framed and connected, it will be more structurally sound and finish better.

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We at Ambassador Construction have more than 30 years of contracting experience, including wooden framing. Our team members are compliant with the latest safety guidelines, and we provide a satisfaction guarantee with every job with complete. We would love to guide you through your framing project – call us for a free estimate at 737-268-7305.

The Framing Process

Wood is the most popular choice when it comes to residential and small construction framing material. It is more affordable and lightweight than steel or concrete, making it a good option for facilities that aren’t multiple stories or excessively large.

There are two main types of wood framing:

  • Platform Framing – This is the most common type of wood framing for residential construction. One structure is built, including a strong foundation. This first level becomes a platform upon which the next level is built, and so on. The wall studs run only the length of the floor they occupy, anchored to the underlying platform.
  • Balloon Framing – This type of framing uses long, vertical studs for the exterior walls that extend, uninterrupted, from the foundation all the way to the roof.

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Knowing your building codes can help you make decisions when it comes time to do wood framing for your particular project. That is one benefit of hiring a professional to do your wood framing. The experts at Ambassador Construction will take care of all the details – from verifying the hallway width and ceiling height to determining the location of windows and stairwells. Get started with a call to us today – 737-268-7305.

What We Provide

Ambassador Construction is proud to say our work and our reputation is as solid as our framework. As one of the Austin area’s premier contractor businesses, we take great care to fulfill all our customers’ wishes in an efficient, affordable manner.

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Each of our jobs is overseen by a project manager, who maintains regular communication with clients, assuring that everyone is on the same page. We source materials and supply the skilled labor for every job, meaning fewer delays between suppliers and framers. Whatever the size of the job, we have the manpower to complete it.

Finally, we are also OSHA safety compliant, so you can rest easy knowing that both you and our on-site workers are covered. Call us today for your framing needs at 737-268-7305.