Residential Construction Company Salmon Creek, WA

Are you looking for an experienced residential construction company that you can depend on for a wide range of roofing services in Salmon Creek, WA? Ambassador Construction leads the way for other roofing companies. We began our work back in 2008 and continue to show that we are the top choice! To get in touch with our residential construction experts, call us at (360) 909-8867.

Our Construction Services

The craftsmen at Ambassador Construction are happy to provide a massive range of construction services to the people of Washington. We can really help with just about any sort of residential construction task. This includes new construction, such as decks, patio covers, gazebos, and porches.

We also help with additions and remodels. As people get older, their needs and preferences change. Families get bigger, financial situations change, and people often feel like it’s time to mix it up. With the experts at Ambassador Construction on your side, your home can be adjusted to suit your new needs and preferences. We have had great success with remodels and new home additions in the past!

Experienced Craftsmen

With decades of residential construction experience, our craftsmen are in a great position to help improve your property. When you hire us to handle a residential construction project, the value of your home will increase tremendously. We will pay attention to what you are looking for and draw up a plan for you to think over!

From the initial design to the actual construction, Ambassador Construction does things the right way. Our comprehensive services will make your ideal living space become a reality! Please reach out to us and we can begin by talking over the project. After that, we can offer you an estimate on the project before we get started! Look to our experienced team for excellent customer service as well as world-class craftsmanship!

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Ambassador Construction continues to be the top choice for anyone in Salmon Creek, WA in need of residential construction experts. Ambassador Construction is a residential construction company that people can depend on for excellent prices and superb craftsmanship. To get in contact with our experts, call us at (360) 909-8867.

Shops And Garages Salmon Creek, WA

If you need construction experts in Salmon Creek, WA, the team at Ambassador Construction has you covered! We build shops and garages at great prices. If you would like to get an estimate on a new shop or garage, call us today at (360) 909-8867. We blend low prices with first class craftsmanship!

Why Add A Shop Or Garage?

Adding a new shop or garage is usually money well spent, especially when you hire a reliable company to handle the project. Adding a shop or garage has numerous benefits. For starters, it helps protect your assets (such as vehicles) from being damaged by the outdoors, which saves you both time and money.

On top of this, building a new shop or garage only increases the value of your home. It leaves a lot more space for you to store things and opens up a number of new possibilities. Ambassador Construction has an exceptional history when it comes to new construction projects. We can help design and build a new structure to suit your needs and preferences perfectly!

Experienced Craftsmen

Since 2008, the craftsmen at Ambassador Construction have been raising the bar for other construction workers. Our craftsmanship is top quality, and we use proven materials to help build durable and long-lasting structures. We are a versatile team that can handle just about any type of construction project, so just reach out to us for an estimate!

Why Ambassador Construction?

There are plenty of construction companies in the state of Washington, but many have trouble competing with the low prices and exceptional craftsmanship that we offer here at Ambassador Construction. We always work hard to complete construction projects on time and offer a range of services! If you want your project completed correctly, choose our proven craftsmen for the job!

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Ambassador Construction is a leading construction company with a long track record. Our craftsmen have decades of experience and continue to deliver phenomenal construction services. Building new shops and garages is one of our specialties. If you are in Salmon Creek, WA, you can reach us at (360) 909-8867 to get an estimate on the construction project that you have in mind.

Patio Covers, Ridgefield, WA

Your home’s patio is a special place. It’s an extension of your living space, a place where you can comfortably enjoy the outdoors and get some fresh air. It’s a refuge from the stress and business of the day. But a patio floor left open to the rain and sun can prematurely weather it and reduce the number of days you can comfortably use it.

If you want to protect your patio from the elements and enjoy it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, then a patio cover from Ambassador Construction might be just what you’re looking for. We proudly serve the residents of Ridgefield, WA, and the surrounding areas, with premium patio cover construction. Call (360) 909-8867 today or read on to learn more!

Stylish, Affordable Patio Covers

Ambassador Construction patio covers can offer your outdoor patio, porch, or deck protection from the elements, while keeping it open to your surroundings.  No matter the size or style of your patio, we can custom design a patio cover that will complement your space, while supplying the cover you need.

There are many factors to consider when designing and installing your beautiful new patio cover:


Solid or open? A solid patio cover will offer complete coverage from rain, snow, etc. Solid patio covers are often made of aluminum, but can also be built sturdier. Many clients opt to have their solid patio cover shingled to match the existing roof. It can also be insulated and wired for lighting, fans, sound systems, and more.

A more open design, such as a lattice cover, allows light to filter through, creating a partially shaded area. Latticed patio covers are often made of wood or vinyl. A free-standing cover (not attached to the home) is usually referred to as a pergola.


There are three main materials for patio covers:

  • Wood – Wood is a beautiful, timeless choice. It comes in many colors and textures. However, it does require significant upkeep, including regular sanding and repainting or staining. Wood is also prone to rot and warping.
  • Aluminum – Aluminum is a popular choice for its affordability and low maintenance. On the downside, patios under a solid aluminum roof can get hot in the summer due to heat conduction.
  • Vinyl – High quality vinyl is low maintenance and attractive. However, it can become brittle and fade over time and is one of the less aesthetically pleasing options.

We’ve Got You Covered!

Looking for new patio cover? At Ambassador Construction, we’ve got you covered! (pun intended)

Ambassador Construction stands above the competition with high quality construction, experienced contractors, exceptional customer service, and more than 30 years of professional experience in residential construction.

Call us today at (360) 909-8867 and let us help make your dream of a beautiful, functional patio cover a reality!

Framing Contractors Salmon Creek, WA

Ambassador Construction is the premier option for the people of Salmon Creek, WA. We take on several kinds of general construction projects, including wood framing. For top quality framing contractors, give our team a call today at (360) 909-8867.

Experienced Wood Framers

Since 2008, the team at Ambassador Construction has proven to be a trustworthy choice for the people of Washington. We take a unique approach to each project to ensure that each of our client’s individual needs and preferences are met. You can always depend on us for transparency, flawless craftsmanship, and open lines of communication.

Timely Project Completion

When a new structure is being built, any kind of delay can have a major domino effect on the entire project. We are great at estimating the length of the projects that we take on, which helps our clients get the results they are looking for on time. All the while, our team remains fully compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Administration safety standards.

Other Services

Although our craftsmen are experts in wood framing, they are capable of handling many other kinds of general construction projects. This includes decks and patio covers, remodeling, and home additions. To get an estimate on the residential construction project that you have in mind, just give our experts a call! We offer a refreshing blend of top-notch customer service, world-class craftsmanship, and fair prices for the people of Washington.

Why Ambassador Construction?

The quality of a home’s wood framing has a lot to do with how that home looks, lasts, and functions. To ensure that your home is framed correctly, choose the proven construction team at Ambassador Construction for the job. This will go a long way towards getting you the house of your dreams. With Ambassador Construction, your home will benefit from the experience and dedication of our craftsmen.

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When you are looking to hire framing contractors for a project in Salmon Creek, WA, there is no better option than Ambassador Construction. We have an exceptional track record and continue to set a lofty standard for other construction companies. To get a quote on a framing project, just call us today at (360) 909-8867.

Deck Installation Salmon Creek, WA

Looking to add a beautiful and durable deck to a home in Salmon Creek, WA? Choose Ambassador Construction for a flawless deck installation. Our craftsmen have been doing this for a long time and are excited to set you up with the deck of your dreams! For an estimate on new deck installation, call us at (360) 909-8867.

New Construction Experts

Our construction professionals have decades of experience designing and building new construction. Adding a deck to your home is a major project, one that warrants being picky about who you hire. The team at Ambassador Construction aims to add more satisfied clients to its impressive track record.

When it comes to building a new deck, there are a lot of things to consider. One of the main choices you’ll need to make is which material. Once you reach out to us, we can give you the pros and cons of each and can even offer you our personal recommendation. With our team on your side, your deck will compliment your home nicely! Our craftsmen are qualified to handle any kind of deck project, regardless of the size or material.

Custom Construction Services

When it comes to your own home, you have the right to take into account the preferences of you and your family. At Ambassador Construction, we keep options as open as possible for the people of Washington. Just let us know your vision for the end result, and we will do all that we can to provide flawless and custom construction solutions!

Patio Covers

There are other ways to add an outdoor area to your home. Patio covers can be a game-changer for a backyard. A new patio cover will allow you to enjoy the outdoors, rain or shine. A patio cover will also protect some valuable outdoor belongings, such as grills and patio furniture. You can count on Ambassador Construction to install a sturdy new patio cover!

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If you are hoping to get a new deck installed correctly and at a great price, choose Ambassador Construction for the project! Our deck installation experts will extend the comfort of your home to the outdoors. For top quality deck installation, the people of Salmon Creek, WA can reach us at (360) 909-8867.

Deck Contractors Salmon Creek, WA

Looking to hire deck contractors that you can depend on for a project in Salmon Creek, WA? Ambassador Construction has a history of providing first-rate construction services and our craftsmen have decades of experience building and remodeling residential decks. To get a quote on your deck project, call us today at (360) 909-8867.

Deck Experts

If you are looking to have a new deck installed, you can depend on the seasoned craftsmen at Ambassador Construction. We’ll set you up with a deck that will endure and look amazing! Adding a deck will open up plenty of new possibilities at your house and will also increase the value of your property significantly!

Your Choice Of Material

At Ambassador Construction, we like to offer several different style options for our clients. Our construction workers have experience installing many different types of decks, including composite, hardwood, and cedar. We can go over the options with you so that you can make the best choice for your preferences and budget!

Other Services

Ambassador Construction does a lot more on top of building, maintaining, and remodeling decks. The people of Washington can also depend on our skilled craftsmen for patio covers, wood framing, house remodels, and much more! Our goal is to set more people up with the home of their dreams at an affordable price! Just give us a call and we can provide you with a free project estimate.

Why Ambassador Construction?

There are plenty of construction companies out there, but not all of them are to be trusted. Since the quality of work can vary so much between companies, it’s always a good idea to look into different companies before you hire one. At Ambassador Construction, we’ve been providing flawless construction services for over a decade. You can feel good about hiring us because of our low prices and exceptional reputation!

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Finding experienced deck contractors will help ensure that the project you have in mind is completed correctly. Nobody wants to deal with the costly aftermath of poor craftsmanship, which is why the people of Salmon Creek, WA should choose Ambassador Construction. For help on any type of residential construction project, call us today at (360) 909-8867.

Construction Services Salmon Creek, WA

For more than a decade now, Ambassador Construction has been delivering impeccable construction services. Meanwhile, the professional experience of our craftsmen dates back decades. We are qualified to handle a full line of construction services to the people of Salmon Creek, WA. If you are interested in hiring Ambassador Construction for a project, call our team today at (360) 909-8867.

Remodels & Additions

If you are looking to improve your home, Ambassador Construction offers remodels and additions at great prices! As your situation changes or your family grows, it makes sense to have your home adapt to your new needs and preferences. We will begin with an initial meeting where we can listen to what you have in mind and provide some expert consultation on the project.

New Construction

Ambassador Construction can also help with new construction. We’re an easy team to work with and we provide custom construction services to make your new home, shop, or outbuilding truly yours. With our experienced craftsmen, you’ll be set up with a long-lasting and beautiful new structure!

Patio Covers & Decks

A patio or deck is a great addition to just about any home. Extending your living space to the outdoors can really help you enjoy your home even more. A new or revamped patio cover/deck will increase the value of your home and open up many more at-home possibilities! Our team uses a variety of materials, so you’ll have your choice between composite, cedar, and more!

Wood Framing

It’s essential that the framing of your home or building is done correctly. To cut out any risks, go with the experts at Ambassador Construction for all of your wood framing needs. Our company has a great reputation in the state of Washington from years of providing top quality project results!

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The construction services listed above are just a few of the many that we offer. The people of Salmon Creek, WA are in great hands when they choose Ambassador Construction for their construction project. Our goal is to set people up with beautiful, functional, and durable custom living spaces. For free consultation and a quote on the project at hand, call our team today at (360) 909-8867.

Framing Contractors, Ridgefield, WA

Ambassador Construction provides high quality, professional framing services to residents in Ridgefield, WA, and the surrounding areas. Our 30+ years of experience means we have the experience and resources to benefit any framing project – no matter the size or complexity.

Call (360) 909-8867 today for your free consultation and cost estimate. We look forward to serving you!

Residential Framing & Related Services

If you live in the greater Vancouver area and are looking for a reliable, expert framing contractor, you are in the right place. Ambassador Construction can handle any type of framing project you may have, along with the associated services that usually go along with framing:

  • Wood Framing
  • Custom home building
  • Siding installation
  • Door installation
  • Window installation
  • Remodels
  • New construction
  • And more!

Clean, Solid Wood Framing With Ambassador

When you hire a framing contractor, you’re putting a lot of trust in a company to erect the frame of your residential structure – don’t leave it to just anyone. At Ambassador Construction, we specialize in accurate, strong, clean, solid framing that will get the job done right!

Here are just a few of the things that set Ambassador Construction apart:

  • High Quality Materials – We use only the best in dimensional lumber. Our framing crews are knowledgeable in stick framing and truss setting, among other things.
  • Current Licensing – Ambassador Construction makes sure all workers hold the proper state and local licensing based on location.
  • Up to Code – No matter where you are located, we research local building codes and make sure your build is compliant.
  • Safe – All of our team members are trained to comply with OSHA safety standards.

Call Ambassador Construction Today!

The professionals at Ambassador Construction have earned a respected reputation as the best in the field. We work on single-family homes, duplexes, multi-family buildings, and more. As a comprehensive wood framing contractor, Ambassador Construction has created an efficient, cost-effective approach to framing:

As soon as the foundation is done, the framing crew installs the sill plate, which is the base for the rest of the framing – a bottom horizontal member of a wall or building to which vertical members are attached. Once the sill is in, framing crew members move on to installing subflooring, exterior house boxing, and roof deck sheathing.

If you are looking for a friendly, trustworthy, qualified residential framing contractor, call Ambassador Construction today at (360) 909-8867!

Remodeling Contractors – Salmon Creek, WA

If those spring cleaning tasks have left you ready to jump on that remodeling project you’ve been dreaming about, Ambassador Construction is the team you can count on to get things designed and completed beautifully. We understand life happens and needs change and even if you had your home custom built for your family a decade ago, it may be time for a change that will leave things working for you. As a first-class residential construction company in the Salmon Creek, WA area, we’re proud to have the professional remodeling contractors that can complete any project you need! Interior remodels, exterior additions and remodels, you name it, we come more than prepared to complete any construction venture you have in mind. Reach out to our professionals today at (360) 909 – 8867 and get a free estimate on your next project!

Bathrooms, Kitchens, We Do It All!

Whatever space you’re looking to renovate in your home, be it on the interior or exterior of your home, or if you’re looking to increase your home’s space entirely, we’re ready to get things started and we’ll deliver stunning, finished results in a timely manner. Construction projects can be known to take far longer than expected and we’re proud to deliver accurate estimates for our customers. If an unexpected issue arises that will cause your project to take longer, you will know immediately, and we will still do our best to get things completed right away. We continue to put our customers first, no matter the size or complexity of the project and with open communication, you’ll always be kept in the know! Making your home your own has never been easier or more enjoyable than when you have the skilled craftsmen at Ambassador Construction working for you.

Call Today

When you’re on the hunt for the professional remodeling contractors you can trust to truly take care of you and your home, Ambassador Construction is proud to be the crew to call on. For more than a decade we’ve been taking care of our neighbor’s residential construction needs throughout the Salmon Creek, WA area and we’re ready to make sure your home can continue to work for you. Call us today at (360) 909 – 8867.

Patio Covers – Walnut Grove, WA

Have you been itching to get outside now that the warmer weather is sticking around? You’re not alone and we’re happy to say that at Ambassador Construction, we can help you enjoy more time outside while still enjoying the comfort of being at home! In the Walnut Grove, WA area, we see beautiful weather throughout the year, and we work to help you enjoy it as much as possible. We continue to help our customers do this with the additions of patio covers, outdoor kitchens and entertainment areas, and so much more! Who says your fun has to be limited to the interior of your home? We can help you add function and value to your home, and we’ll make sure your new space is the perfect spot for you. Get a free estimate on your outdoor construction project by calling us at (360) 909 – 8867.

Perfect Completion

Whether you’re adding a patio cover to your existing deck, or if you’re in the process of having your new custom home built and you’d like to incorporate a patio cover in, the skilled craftsmen at Ambassador Construction are the ones you can trust to deliver a perfect completion every time. If we’re adding a patio cover to your current home, we’ll make sure everything matches exactly right and it will look as though your patio cover was always there!

Your home’s deck can be so much more than a platform that’s attached to your home and at Ambassador Construction, we believe it should be! We bring our customers a long list of options when it comes to the exterior of your home and we’ll make sure you have a space you can enjoy anytime of the year. If you’re looking to expand your indoor living space into the outdoors, we’ve got options we’re sure you’ll love!

Reach Out Today

If you’d like to know more about your different options for patio covers or if you’d like to receive an estimate from the professionals at Ambassador Construction, just reach out to us at (360) 909 – 8867. We deliver flawless results for our customers throughout the Walnut Grove, WA area and we look forward to hearing from you.