Deck installation – Christoval, TX

Each year as summer approaches, nature draws us to be outside. If you want to expand your summertime entertaining to the great outdoors and you live in the Christoval, TX area, you are in luck. Ambassador Construction can build the deck of your dreams. Call us today at 306-909-8867 we would love to build your deck.

Stress-Free Installation

Winter takes its toll on all of us, so when summer arrives, we are more than ready to enjoy being outside. Entertaining outdoors has a feel to it that you just can’t capture inside, but the best of both worlds can be accomplished with a deck. At Ambassador Construction we feel that your deck should be an extension of your home. Your deck installation in Christoval, TX should be a stress-free enjoyable process and that is our goal. We listen closely to what your desires for your dream deck are so that you will be more than happy with the finished product.

Deck Ideas

It doesn’t matter how simple or elaborate you want your deck to be, we will build it to suit you. If you have imagined a cozy, simple area just for family cookouts with a fire pit as the focal point, that is what you should have. If a mega deck with multi-layers is more your style, then that is what we want to accomplish for you. If you have lots of ideas, we will listen and apply those ideas into  your deck plan; but if you want ideas, then we have galleries of pictures for you to browse through to find your perfect dream deck. Our design process is second to none and we look forward to designing your dream deck with you!

Fire Features

Some of the popular features for a deck installation in Christoval, TX are stunning, to say the least. You can have a kitchen complete with a pizza oven if entertaining guests is part of your outdoor fun. A fire pit or fireplace can add a special warmth to your deck area and stretch your time spent outdoors because who doesn’t love to snuggle up by a fire on a cool, fall night.

Water Features

Water features are another component of a great deck to consider. From water walls to fountains, water adds a calming effect to your deck. Water adds a coolness to a summer day that is so inviting. You can have bridges built over streams of water with plants to provide an effect that will relax you no matter how stressful your day has been.


Whether your dream deck is small or large, different levels are a great way to add depth to your deck. With different levels, you can create different areas of use for your deck.  You can use a wide set of stairs that leads to a cozy, private area to sit and visit. A winding staircase that leads to a completely different deck to eat can be an awesome addition to your deck. This works great for mega decks.

You can have built-in furniture or add furniture to create a more luxurious feel.  You can even have a tree-hugging deck, which gives entertaining outside a unique feel of being in nature. You can have part of your deck covered and part of it left uncovered to soak up the sun in the daytime or stargaze at night.

So when you are ready for your dream deck, call Ambassador Construction at 306-909-8867. We will make your dream deck a reality.