Deck Installation – San Saba, TX

If you are looking to replace or expand your existing deck or install a new one in Ridgefield, Washington, or the surrounding communities, contact Ambassador Construction today. As a full-service general contractor serving the greater Vancouver area, we can help you dream up, design, and construct a beautiful deck that will meet all your needs.

A new deck can transform the look and feel of your home – providing extra space to drink your coffee during a quiet morning or entertain family and friends on the weekend. The experts at Ambassador Construction can help you create a deck that will enhance both your home and the surrounding landscape. Call 737-268-7305 today to learn more about our deck installation services – from design to construction.

Deck Material Options

Decking material has changed a lot in the last decade. There are so many options to choose from, from low-maintenance selections to rich colored wood. When you hire Ambassador Construction, we will walk you through all of the options, along with their pros and cons, and help you select a decking material that works best for your space, lifestyle, and budget. Here are a few of our more popular choices:

  • Pressure-treated Lumber: Approximately ¾ of all new decks are pressure-treated lumber, a wood product that has been infused with chemicals to protect it against rot and pests. This material is extremely affordable and readily available. On the downside, it is prone to splitting over time. Power wash annually and re-seal every few years.
  • Redwood or Cedar: Both are softwoods with rich, beautiful color and naturally occurring oils that resist rotting and pests. Up to 3 times more expensive than PT wood. Maintenance similar to PT wood.
  • Hardwood: This category of decking material contains a variety of woods – ironwood, mahogany, and cumaru, to name a few. Similar to redwood and cedar, hardwoods are typically beautifully and richly colored and produce their own protective oils. One drawback is their extreme hardness, which makes it difficult to install them with traditional methods (nails or screws). Fasteners are typically used.
  • Composite Material: Composite decking is typically polyethylene or PVC based and comes in a wide range of colors. It is one of the fastest growing decking options available today, prized for its affordability, versatility, and durability. Many composites are created from wood fiber and recycled plastic – that means no rotting, no insects, no splinters, no warping, no staining, no sanding. Practically no maintenance, although you do need to keep an eye out for mold in wet, shaded areas of the deck.

Complimentary Deck Installation Estimates

Ambassador Construction offers free, comprehensive estimates for new deck installations that include the following essentials:

  • A detailed list of the work that needs to be done, including size, specific materials, etc.
  • A time frame in which the work will be done and completed
  • A firm price for the completed project

Ambassador Construction can also provide references upon request. With more than three decades of experience producing high-quality general contracting jobs in the greater Vancouver area, we’re confident you won’t find any other company who can produce the same quality of work at such competitive prices. Call 737-268-7305 today for your free estimate.