Framing Contractors – Rocksprings, TX

Hiring professional framing contractors to start off your construction project is crucial to its long-term success and at Ambassador Construction, you can count on us to get things done perfectly from the start to the finish! As a full-service residential construction company, we bring homeowners in Rocksprings, TX the peace of mind they deserve when dealing with any type of construction project. Whether you’re looking to build a new custom home or if you’re looking to add on or remodel your existing home, we’ll make sure the frame is solid so the rest of your project can be trusted as well. The frame is the skeleton of your home or building and if there are any issues with the frame, then the project will be destined for problems. Know things are being done right from the moment you call, reach out to us today at (360) 909 – 8867.

Always Done Right

At Ambassador Construction, we pay attention to every single detail on our projects, even the smallest ones. From the moment we start designing your project, we make sure we are always following the appropriate building codes, we believe that it’s our job, not yours to know how wide hallways should be and other important aspects like that. As a homeowner, you have enough to stress about and knowing your project is being done to code shouldn’t be one of them. When you trust your next construction project to us, you can be certain things will be done right every step of the way.


The solidity of any job comes down to the quality of the craftsmen and the quality of the products and materials they use and at Ambassador Construction, our skilled craftsmen deliver only the finest results on every job and we work hard to guarantee we bring you the finest materials in the area. The wood we use for the frames of our projects is beautiful and dependable and we’re proud to bring you such great products at fair prices. Know you’re getting the best of it all when you call on us!

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Work with framing contractors you can trust to get things done quickly and flawlessly, at Ambassador Construction, we bring homeowners in Rocksprings, TX top notch residential construction services and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you! Give us a call today at (360) 909 – 8867.