Patio Covers – Christoval, TX

The truth is, no matter where you live, your deck or patio is only as good as the cover it’s under. No one wants to sit out on an uncovered patio in the hot, direct sun or on a day when it’s pouring. With a premium patio cover from Ambassador Construction, however, you can transform your patio into a space to enjoy 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Ambassador Construction has been providing residents of the greater Christoval, TX area with solutions to their commercial and residential construction problems for more than a decade, and that extends to patio covers. Call 737-268-7305 today to see how we can increase your home’s value and add to your comfort and enjoyment with a beautiful new patio cover.

More On Patio Covers

Christoval, TX averages about 41.67 inches of rain a year.  That is a lot of moisture – moisture that can ruin a backyard dinner party or quiet evening outside. Patio covers provide shelter from precipitation and shade from the harsh rays of the sun, while allowing you to still utilize your patio.

Unlike an awning, patio covers are usually stationary, supported by posts, and made from more durable, permanent materials.

Your Shade Solution

Patios are a space for families and friends to relax and entertain. An outdoor living space, patios are exposed to the elements and susceptible to weathering over time. A patio cover, however, can add a significant measure of protection for you, your guests, your patio, and the items you keep on it.

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Ambassador Construction has more than 30 years of experience in residential home construction and more than a decade of experience designing and installing patio covers throughout Christoval, TX and the surrounding areas. Our covers are durable and designed to suit your space and your needs. At Ambassador Construction, we are all about high-value at a great price. Call today for a free estimate – 737-268-7305.