Patio Covers – Eden, TX

Patio covers, pergolas, whatever you want to call them, they continue to grow in popularity, especially here in the Eden, TX area. At Ambassador Construction, it’s no surprise to our team of professional contractors as we know our spot is beautiful, but we do see some moisture and weather year-round that can put a damper on the time we spend outside. We deliver beautiful patio covers and we have a long list of options to ensure yours can perfectly match your deck and home! Whether you’re looking to add a patio cover to get outside more or if you’d like to add in a kitchen and other great options to make entertaining a little more exciting, we’ve got you covered! Reach out to us today at (360) 909 – 8867 and schedule a free consultation with our contractors!

A Great Investment

People don’t often think of patio covers as an investment, but they absolutely are and they’re a great one to boot! While adding beauty and comfort to your own backyard, they can also increase your property value by providing greater functionality of your outdoor space. They also offer incredible protection for not only your deck itself, but everything you have on your deck such as grills, furniture, and other items. The harsh sun and other weather elements aren’t a constant headache when you have a patio cover keeping things protected.

At Ambassador Construction, we have a long list of customizations available when you are looking to add a patio cover. Whether you’re looking to add in entertainment areas, built-in fire pits, built-in speakers, heaters, misters, or other options, we’ve got it all available to help make sure your deck is exactly what you’ve been envisioning and more! We work to make your home work for you and we look forward to getting things started!

Call Today

If you’ve been looking at patio covers and the incredible benefits they can bring your home, Ambassador Construction is the team to call to ensure yours is done perfectly in the Eden, TX area. We’ll gladly schedule a free consultation with you when you call on us at (360) 909 – 8867.