Patio Covers – Granbury, TX

Patio covers continue to grow in popularity. A patio cover will protect your beautiful patio and make it so that you can still enjoy the outdoors despite the rain or blistering summer sun. Ambassador Construction builds insulated freestanding patio covers and much more for clients in Granbury, TX. For a free estimate on a new patio cover, give us a call at 737-268-7305.

Custom Patio Covers

If you already have a patio and are hoping to add a patio cover, you’re probably looking for something that will fit the style properly. At Ambassador Construction, we have all the right materials, tools, and expertise to get you the perfect patio cover. Whether you’re looking for partial shade or complete coverage, we can build you a one-of-a-kind patio cover that brings your home and patio together.

Ambassador Construction offers a wide-range of design options. We build patio covers made from wood, metal, composite, and more! We also offer loads of color, shape, and style options. We’ll build your patio cover to suit your specific situation.

Why Get A Patio Cover?

Enjoying the outdoors is often reliant on the weather. However, with a patio cover you can stay outside in both rain and shine and remain comfortable. A patio cover will also protect your home and patio from damaging sun rays. It will absorb the heat and light of the sun away from your home. If you have a patio with furniture and other valuable belongings, a patio cover will obviously help keep your possessions in top condition for longer.

Choose from freestanding, screened, open, roofed and more! A patio cover can increase the beauty of your home and make your home more suitable for hosting guests. Ambassador Construction is known for building beautiful outdoor living spaces. Our contractors are all properly licensed, insured, and professionally-trained.

Call Us Today!

Ambassador Construction is the leading provider of patio covers for those in Granbury, TX. Make your patio more livable and versatile with a beautiful custom patio cover. Plus, you’ll be able to maintain the condition of your patio for much longer which makes getting a cover a solid investment. Call us today at 737-268-7305 to learn more about our services.